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No.TitleIssue dateRev. date
REC_01 Safe Operation of Aircraft Doors and Stairs 20.11.2001  
REC_02 Climatic Stress in Aircraft Tractors 19.11.2003  
REC_03 Drug Abuse 15.04.2004  
REC_04 High Visibility Cloths, Markings and Running Day Light of Vehicles 15.08.2001 11/03
REC_05 Lightning and Thunderstorms at Airports 07.05.2001 02/04
REC_06 On-Duty Alcohol Impairment and Abuse 29.11.2000  
REC_07 Safety Cones 10.02.2006  
REC_08 Sleepiness 06.05.2004  
REC_09 Operation in extreme weather conditions 21.11.2007 01/09
REC_10 Hangar Doors 21.11.2007  
REC_11 Heavy Metals in Aircraft Maintenance and A/C
REC_12 Artificial Lighting of work placesoutdoor
work places on aprons


REC_13 Use of calculation software to estimate crew dose caused by cosmic radiation 23.05.2017  
REC_15 Solar ultraviolet radiation on aprons and other airport areas 05/18