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(as of May 2015)

1.Name, place of head office, financial year

The organization is called EAGOSH (European Aviation Group for Occupational Safety and Health). It is an n.e.V. (non-registered association) under German law.

EAGOSH‘s head office is located in Geilenkirchen, Germany.

EAGOSH‘s financial year starts on 01 Nov and ends on 31 Oct of a calendar year. 

2. Purpose of the organization

a. EAGOSH is an organization committed to the promulgation of a safe place of work, safe plant and machinery, safe work procedures and safe people working in the aviation industry.

b. EAOGSH will seek joint co-operation from all organizations involved in aviation and aviation related safety and health-related issues, to recommend, formulate and pursue safety policies and practices.

c. The Group will strive to achieve and maintain the highest standards of overall health and safety in the operational standards of its member organizations, and within the industry.

d. The Group will provide a forum for the open exchange of European Aviation safety related information. It will encourage communication, and works to proactively improve health and safety within the aviation industry.


3. Membership

EAGOSH is an organization open to the following membership:

a. Full membership (voting power) is available to all organizations and individual

persons directly involved in the aviation industry (including airport authorities).

b. Affiliated membership (non-voting power) is available to all organizations and individual persons not directly involved but contributing to health and safety in the aviation industry (e.g. manufacturers, consultants, authorities, etc).

c. Applications for membership will be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors (BoD). The BoD will determine the membership status.

d. Membership ends with termination by the member, death of a personal member or termination by the BoD.

e. Members wishing to terminate membership will do this by notifying the BoD in writing.

f. A denial of a request for membership or a termination of membership invoked by the BoD may be appealed at the next GA.


4. Membership Fees


Full member

Affiliated Member






100 EUR

200 EUR




250 EUR


5. Organs of the organization

Organs are the Board of Directors (BoD) and the General Assembly (GA).


6. Board of Directors (BoD)

The GA will elect for a term of four years the executives of the Board as proposed by the existing BoD. The BoD consists of seven members including the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, CEN Advisor, Medical Advisor and Dangerous Goods Advisor.


7. Responsibilities of the BoD

The BoD is responsible for all matters of EAGOSH, which are not explicitly controlled by other organs of EAGOSH. Specifically, the BoD will:

a. Organize EAGOSH seminars, which will be held twice a year or at a frequency decided by the GA. The BoD in consultation with the members will administer themes, venues and organization.

b. Maintain an Internet website.

c. Call in at least annually the GA.

d. Execute decisions of the GA.

e. Administer EAGOSH‘s funds.

f. Prepare annually a Treasurer‘s Report.

The EAGOSH Chairman or Vice Chairman together with another member represents EAGOSH judicially and extra judicially. 

8. BoD meetings

The EAGOSH chairman will invite BoD members for attending in BoD meetings at least four weeks prior to a meeting. The BoD can take decisions if at least three elected BoD members are present. The BoD decides with ordinary majority. In case of an equality of votes, the chairman‘s vote or the vote of the designated BoD meeting head will be decisive.

The BoD Chairman will prepare BoD meeting minutes and publish them via EAGOSH‘s website in an area only accessible to members. Minutes will show date and place of the meeting, participant names, decisions and results of votes.


9. Financial matters

EAGOSH is financed predominantly through membership fees and donations.

The Treasurer will maintain financial records and prepare annually a Treasurer‘s Report. Payments may only be executed on decision of the Chairman or by another BoD member as designated by the Chairman.

The annual Treasurer‘s Report will be audited by two Auditors, who will be elected for a term of four years by the GA.

The annual Treasurer‘s Report must be approved by the GA. 

10. General Assembly (GA)

TThe GA is responsible for:

a. Acknowledging BoD reports.

b. Determining membership fees.

c. Election and dismissal of members of the BoD and Auditors.

d. Deciding on approval of the EAGOSH charter and changes thereto.

e. Deciding on liquidation of the organization.

f. Deciding on appeals regarding denial of a request for membership or a termination of membership invoked by the BoD.

Each GA will be called-in by the EAGOSH Chairman or by another BoD member as designated by the Chairman. GAs will normally be held in conjunction with EAGOSH seminars and announced no later than four weeks prior to the meeting date.

The standard GA agenda items are: - Chairman‘s annual report

- Treasurer‘s annual report

- Auditors’ report

- Elections

- Any other business

Each voting EAGOSH member may request additional agenda items to be discussed by submitting a written request to the BoD no later than one week prior to a GA.

The GA approves any requests for changes to the agenda submitted during the GA.


11. Decisions of the GA

Each GA will be headed by the EAGOSH Chairman or by another BoD member as designated by the Chairman.

The GA consists of the full members present at an assembly meeting to take place at least annually. Each full member will be entitled to one vote.

The GA decides with ordinary majority.

The BoD Chairman will prepare meeting minutes and publish them via EAGOSH‘s website in an area only accessible to members. Minutes will show date and place of the meeting, participant names, name of the GA chairman, decisions and results of votes.


12. Liquidation

In case of liquidation of EAGOSH, the organization‘s funds will be donated to UNICEF.

Approval of charter

This charter was approved by the GA convened on 7 May 2015 in Büttelborn, Germany






1. Policy. Outstanding performance deserves special recognition. This is particularly true in the field of safety, where every EAGOSH member can make a significant difference to the industry’s safety culture by taking responsibility and showing proactive commitment to safety.

2. Procedures.

a. In order to express EAGOSH’s appreciation and gratitude for a safety-related job well done, the EAGOSH BoD may find the following behaviour to be eligible for a Safety Award:

(1) Outstanding, prolonged support of EAGOSH’s case;

(2) Ambassador of safety in the fields of e.g. training and programme development;

(3) Exceptionally effective performance resulting in an excellent safety record;

(4) Showing of most remarkable professional, personal and managerial skills in the field of safety;

(5) Acts leading to the prevention of an otherwise unavoidable accident; and/or

(6) Cases of outstanding alertness in detecting safety-critical conditions.

b. As a general rule, only acts not older than five years will be eligible for an award. Both organizations and individuals may be awarded a Safety Award.

c. Whenever EAGOSH members believe that they themselves or somebody else may qualify for a Safety Award, the will forward to the EAGOSH BoD a brief, non- formalized description of the act or behaviour meriting an award.

d. The EAGOSH BoD will review the case and consult experts as required. If, in the EAGOSH BoD’s judgment, the case warrants a Safety Award, the EAGOSH General Assembly will be informed of that decision along with recommendation for further action. This may include, but is not limited to, the following acts of recognition:

(1) EAGOSH BoD Letter of Appreciation;

(2) Posting on EAGOSH’s website;

(3) Press release; and/or

(4) Honorary EAGOSH membership (free of charge EAGOSH membership, which is life-long for individuals and of definite duration for organizations as determined by the BoD).